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        To protect traditional markets or to expand your reach you should consider implementing an e-commerce solution that integrates with your existing Sage X3 solution.

        Magento enables South East Asian companies to compete for more of the online market share, by providing your customers with a rich and satisfying online e-commerce user experience.

        In addition to an extensive suite of features, Magento Enterprise provides Asian companies with unprecedented flexibility and control over the design, content and functionality of their online e-commerce store.

        Implemented by CitySoft and fully supported by the Magento team of experts, the PA-DSS compliant Magento Enterprise is scalable and easily tailored to meet every merchant’s unique technical and business requirements.


        Magento allows you to create personalised marketing and merchandising programs to improve customer loyalty and increase basket size. Magento even allows you to create e-commerce storefronts for specific customer demographics.


        CitySoft can help you integrate your new or existing Sage X3 solution with the Magento e-commerce platform using using the Magento Sage connector for a seamless integration. Automate the transfer of Magento sales orders to Sage X3, as well as exchanging new products, pricing, availability and product images between Sage X3 and your Magento eShop.

        With full business to business, and business to consumer eCommerce, CitySoft ensures automated account and web customer data synchronisation with Sage X3 and Magento. Data is pushed and pulled securely and automatically synchronised, including details of the product, inventory levels, information on the customer, payments, shipping, and status updates