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        Sage X3 for the Dairy Industry





        车晓近况Product management                                        Quota Management                                   车晓近况Official reports车晓近况          车晓近况

           Quality parameters                                              Transaction types                                      车晓近况Official Statements车晓近况

           Fat, protein, somatic cells                                    Batch Status                                              车晓近况Milk Deliveries车晓近况

           Dry extract, bacteriology                                     Quota renting                                            Document Types:

        车晓近况Value Tables                                                           车晓近况Quota purchasing                                     Reception delivery note

           Raw quantity, kg compensation                           Quota sales                                               Laboratory analysis

           Mandatory retention                                             Quota assignment                                    Automatic processes:

        车晓近况Milk Payments车晓近况                                                       Receiving (link to assignment)               Importing reception delivery notes

        Pre-payment processes:                                           Correction of quotas                                车晓近况Payment Processes车晓近况

        Distribution in litres                                                Milk payments                                          Entry of payment prices

        Calculation of retentions                                         车晓近况Mobility Management                           车晓近况Calculation of payments

        Generation of supplier file                                      车晓近况Mobilty anagement PDA车晓近况                       + more


        The Sage X3 platform is a web native system, providing companies with a full set of tools to address, solve and capitalise on business challenges and opportunities.

        The system also includes multi-currency, alerts and workflows, multi-company support for Groups (whether they be multiple legal entities in a Group, or multiple sites, or manufacturing plants, or sales offices), in addition to accounting, advanced sales, business intelligence, treasury, logistics & distribution, fixed assets, and manufacturing, providing dairy process manufacturers with a complete solution.


        Sage X3 enterprise business management system is widely used by food and beverage manufacturers around the globe. An example in the Dairy industry, is Longwarry Food Park (Gippy Milk) prior to them being purchased by Palamat. Finland’s largest food company and a dominant player in the dairy industry. Finlandia uses the platform, as did dairy products producer Schroeder in the USA, prior to being bought out by Agropur a Canadian dairy cooperative.