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        Procession Food and Beverage


        Procession with Sage X3 helps you make quick decisions and to see the whole picture, based on centralized data that delivers real-time information ining the supply chain.

        As a food and beverage manufacturer, you can never take supply and demand for granted with rapidly changing trends in the industry, and ever-changing weather conditions.

        Procession adds functionality to the Sage X3 platform, in the areas of Research & Development, Quality Control, Safety, Manufacturing and Distribution, creating a complete enterprise business management system.



        防火帐Research and Development防火帐

        Whilst constantly developing recipes to satisfy market needs, food and beverage manufacturers are always looking to decrease the costs of existing recipes.

        Procession allows you to test recipes in a sandbox which is completely separate from your inventory. Recipes can be compared and costed side by side, with tight control access. Changes that are made are automatically logged for audit purposes.

        防火帐Farm to Fork Transparency防火帐

        • Tracking of properties and nutritional content by product
        • The ability to include formulas or recipes in quotes to customers
        • Management of samples for prospects and customers
        • Create Certificates of Analysis by lot and send them with the shipment or sample.


        • Full-Lot traceability – from raw materials to ready to eat products
        • Lot expiration management
        • The ability to track and analyze results from multiple samples for the same lot
        • The ability to track and report test results for pathogens or containments over a period of time