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        Sage EM & HACCP for Process Manufacturing Food & Beverage industry


        Learn about the Sage X3 & HACCP for Process Manufacturing Food & Beverage industry software solutions provided by CitySoft


        The Sage X3 quality control (QC) functionality assists companies meet their 荣耀之路HACCP荣耀之路 - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points obligations. HACCP is mandated in various markets such as the USA where meat, fish and beverage manufacturers must comply with HACCP rules whilst other markets expect compliance with HACCP guidelines and obligations.   The Sage X3 platform supports testing at every step in the manufacturing, storage and distribution phases for food and beverage product management whether each test is microbiological, physical or chemical hazards based.

        Food and beverage producers looking to export to the USA need to be aware of the FSMA food safety modernisation act & the legislation update to the bioterrorism act 2002 which granted a preventative role to the FDA. Imported foods are controlled via a 3rd party audit system, and with genome sequencing, traceability of food poisoning causes is guaranteed. Exporters to the USA face an annual inspection to continue to be granted rights to supply food to the USA

        The Seven Principles of HACCP