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        Learn about the Nutraceutical industry software solutions provided by CitySoft


        谢中舜Sage X3’s multi company, multi-site, multi-legislation platform is the ideal advanced business software system for enterprises with manufacturing plants in emerging economies and sales and their parent company in other areas of the Globe.

        The advanced business software includes full MRP, and MPS management to help companies plan and execute manufacturing plans be they one or a mix of manufacture to stock or manufacturer to sales order.

        Supplier contracts, advanced inventory optimization tools and easy to use scheduling capabilities ensure your teams across production, procurement and sales work in unison.


        The inclusion of on-platform developed Procession software adds the ability to set nutrient targets and select ingredients based upon the targets and to Print a Nutrient Supplement Panel. The system covers QC, R&D, product variants, by-products, formulas, version control, automatic work order resizing and rework. The system provides flexibility around compliance and regulatory controls across multiple jurisdictions and incorporates advanced quality control measures and advanced statistical analysis capabilities.


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