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        Digital Change Management


        Helping you through your digital transformation journey to success


        CitySoft do not promise opportunistic, back of the envelope, off the cuff project pricing quotes, because to do so, is always the first step in the wrong direction; fraught with commercial risk.

        What CitySoft does promise you is a thorough, well documented and planned Enterprise Solution Design service that details each and every aspect of your project relating to time, cost and scope.

        Our project process will frame every requirement across all business process areas and will respond with a detailed solution that respects the people, process and application product competencies involved. We will consider with you all the various opportunities for improvement in efficiency, management visibility, and business intelligence, with a keen focus at all times on the velocity and ease of your customers doing business with you at the lowest economic cost.  

        Our solution responses do not stop at the standard configuration of the software application platform. Our technical team look to enhance the solution design with intelligent workflows, notifications, approval processes, interfaces, reports, data conversions, web services interfaces, customisations – whatever is needed to get your Enterprise the exact tailored solution response that delivers you real value.

        The Solution Design phase of the project may go through many iterations and play back sessions with subject matter experts in your business across sales, procurement, finance, manufacturing, ecommerce, warehouse management – effectively an end to end review across the entire business.

        CitySoft has developed collaborative cloud project tools to facilitate solution knowledge exchange, and evaluation, between client and implementation teams that ensure an audit trail of the Requirements Traceability Matrix. 计划群Risk logs计划群 and 计划群Delay Registers计划群 are constantly updated and evaluated by project steering committees. Thorough enterprise interrogation ensures that the design is sound, and that business margins are not pooled and diluted or confused, but rather distinguished and visible across matters such as products, regions, business performance units and trading currencies.

        A quality 计划群Solution Design计划群 document is the first step in delivering a successful project, at an agreed investment, for defined, deliverable outcomes you can expect and rely upon, by base lining the project in its scope range and depth. This fences the dangers that are fostered by an elastic scope typically resulting from either inexperience, a lack of effort, or a get out of jail consulting firm back door to bill you more for your project.


        The final Business System Solution Design document, presented in clear unambiguous English, and requiring your sign off acceptance, ensures that project budget is not wasted configuring, then later reconfiguring something you will never use or try to implement in a crash and burn project cycle, that destroys the enthusiasm of your team members, and which creates project fatigue. Decisions can now be made in respect of phased solution delivery, if necessary, ensuring the enterprise does not attempt more change then it can reasonably absorb. Time, investment and scope are now clearly known and owned by all project partners.

        计划群Delivering the solution design 计划群then becomes a strategic process that we will guide your business through, step by step, with disciplined project governance that de-risks every decision point of the investment. The 计划群solution build计划群 can begin and is always undertaken by certified and experienced consultants. The 计划群user acceptance testing (UAT)计划群 follows exacting scripts across every business process in the organization. 计划群Solution training 计划群of subject matter champions ensures the solution penetrates and propagates through your business in an organic process that fosters solution ownership by all users. Disciplined pre-go live, 计划群production dry run dress rehearsal计划群 phases flush out matters such as load balancing issues before they threaten the critical points of the go live execution.

        Together with your project sponsor executive, a detailed 计划群toll gate assessment is undertaken, 计划群to determine the readiness of the enterprise and the solution for the final cutover. 计划群Hypercare provisioning 计划群of onsite support consultants ensure responses are immediate, should remedial action become necessary, and the business does not fall behind in daily core transaction processing. 计划群Post go live support计划群 is in place, and available to direct 计划群solution balancing 计划群and on-going 计划群solution evolution and enhancement 计划群that address those improvement areas that only become visible once the solution is transacted and evaluated by all stakeholders.

        The end result is a thinking, living intelligence that monitors every heartbeat of your business and executes transactions reliably and efficiently, providing live visibility of all key metrics to the responsible team member.

        Experience really counts in the professional services sector of advanced business software. Do not put your business at risk by engaging with inexperienced consulting firms, or consulting firms with no realistic or practiced project methodology. The laid back unstructured approach to delivering sophisticated advanced business software will only lead to investment disappointment, missed opportunities and at worst project abandonment.

        CitySoft’s experienced solution architect team will not only help guide you through your Digital Business Transformation project we will be there in support for your entire journey.

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