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        Post Project Support Services


        Go Live support, Help Desk and Master Services Agreement tailored to your ongoing needs

        CitySoft offers to provide companies with a post project support arrangement that recognises the particular stages of post project system support. Our clients can access our HELP Desk support services, based on the purchase of an annual HELP Desk service, or on an as required basis - essentially a pay as you go arrangement. Our Master Services Agreement leads the market as the most comprehensive and structured post project support service.

        CitySoft provide all first level support to clients for Sage Enterprise Management and the various applications surrounding the core product. We operate a dedicated Support department covering both technical and functional support needs.

        Call +44 7731 353692 to obtain an obligation free price to support your Sage EM advanced business software system, including any independent software products that form your business solution.


        CitySoft offer clients a choice of two support arrangements; a HELP Desk contract, or the more comprehensive Master Services Agreement.

        Our HELP Desk service provides companies with rapid advice and support on a range of matters that occur from time to time when using an advanced business software system. 

        HELP Desk isn’t a replacement for on-site or remote on-line services, but HELP Desk calls or emails may lead to these other services being offered.

        CitySoft’s help desk service is not like some HELP Desks where every call ends up with an additional charge for services. Our HELP Desk teams guarantee they will spend up to 20 minutes per case in an effort to resolve any cases raised by clients with a HELP Desk contract. If we are unable to resolve the case inside the 20 minutes, we’ll request further time to help find a solution for you.

        Our Help Desk service is fully manned, delivering companies rapid responses.

        Extended help desk service hours are available as a result of CitySoft operating offices in Australia  (Melbourne & Sydney), Singapore, Malaysia and the UK.


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