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        Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI | Nectari) for mid-sized business

        Business Intelligence for Sage X3



        Discover the key features of the brand new simple to use Web Report Writer for enterprise reporting and analysis, and the newly designed OLAP Manager for easy to build, high-performance data warehousing.


        •    Simple to use report builder

        •    Format header, totals, calculated rows

        •    Dynamic, real-time access to enterprise data

        •    Drill down

        •    Selection pages and prompts

        •    Print and export

        •    Secure and easy distribution

        •    Visual, click and drag cube building

        •    Mix data sources without linked servers

        •    Scheduler included

        •    Auto incremental refresh of cubes

        •    Less disk space needed for cube storage

        •    Enhanced data load speed

        Further product enhancements are also included in SEI Nectari V7.2, enabling you to gain immediate benefit from the powerful analysis and reporting capabilities of this out-of-the-box Business Intelligence solution.



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