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        Increased visibility through a single stream of data

        Customer Loyalty Strengthened through personalized campaigns

        Customer demand anticipated through data analysis and real time inventory availability check

        Inventory Management optimized through real time tracking and inventory levels matched to anticipated demand

        Sales growth with a fully integrated omnichannel growth program

        Operations simplified with key in-store and head office business processes seamlessly integrated into one system



        Installed at the head office, Sage X3 enterprise management can be deployed to connect either on-premise, or in the cloud to iVend Retail.

        The retail store operations are connected to iVend Enterprise, the core Head Office module of the iVend Retail management suite, using internet or WAN connections

        Retail stores are able to continue transactions when the connection is lost to the Head Office, through fail safe replication.

        Contact CitySoft today to discuss how iVend Retail and Sage X3 Enterprise Management can help you scale your retail business, through delivering faster, simpler and flexible financial and operational management with omnichannel capabilities.